Where do I want to go?


A question I’m sure I am not the only one wondering about this.

Some days I personally am really bothered and worried about it, other days I sit back and relax. Sure, I want to move on, earn a proper income and slowly work my way up. But it’s not that easy, it is never easy if you want one thing, if you want it badly enough, you have to work for it.


I have been at the point where i want to move on and settle into a more permanent, like a job. Which is not as easy as it may sound. I often get the question ” Why don’t you just find a job.”, which is a perfectly normal thing to ask. But it doesn’t apply to me because of the system I am in. A system that rewards laziness, living on government money and doing the minimal requirements to have endless vacation. This may sound like a good place to be in, as you can do whatever you want or need to do and still receive money every month. But for those like me who want to work, who want to move on, the system is a bad place to be as for any job you receive. The money you’d receive from your employer, you are forced to declare at the authorities. They will then subtract that hard-earned income from your monthly pile of money you receive from them. It gets you nowhere as your income wont increase with doing additional jobs as long as its less than the maximum you receive from the authorities.

The only way to escape the endless loop of this system, Is to either go back to school for another couple of years and getting a degree, or find a fulltime job that pays more than that fixed maximum you’d receive otherwise. Which in the end for someone who has some experience in all kinds of field but nothing really substancial is practically impossible.

“You need experience to get the experience you need in order to get experience.” Is something a dear friend told me today after I let him know the job interviews I had been doing were failing because I lacked a portfolio or don’t possess the knowledge to get the internship spot I need to enroll into the school course i want to enrol in.

Do I need to spend my time to selfstudy, to learn, to build a small portfolio and try again? To get out of this endless loop is to stay in it a bit longer and just work harder to get out of it?

How can I overcome this Experience gap?

This gap is in a way acceptable that it is logically required to have some skill to preform the skill sets needed for the task, but also a big gaping hole for those who want to have the job or profession but are not accepted to gain any experience in it. This gap is visible in every level of employment and school graduates. Whenever you are a high school dropout, new college graduates or someone switching fields or specialisations. Employers don’t even believe university graduates have the skills required required by the industrie. It is a balance between education not providing the right knowledge and their function, and employers setting their expectations too high. Even a resume full of academic achievements does not convey the same message as its once had anymore.

The only thing I can do in the end, is building a portfolio with the skills i want to learn, and ignore the “1-2 years experience required” on entry-level job positions.

When all is said and done, there are only two questions that any employer really cares about: “Are you capable of doing the job, and can you prove it? ”


I took a bit of inspiration from @SarahLandrum with the following blogpost.


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